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My very dear secret Mutant,

First of all: thank you very much for making something for me, whether it's art or fic! I know I posted some vaguely silly prompts as well as a serious one or two - so let me elaborate...

I. like. (almost) everything. Seriously! So you can hardly go wrong. AUs, canon, angst, comedy, fluff, PWP, or any combination of them ... I will devour it all and be ecstatic for it. I enjoy a tightly constructed plot, especially a mystery - but that can be labor-intensive, so it should be said that I enjoy the most surreal farce as well.

Hm. I am being hyperbolic instead of helpful, so here are some specific likes/kinks:

*schmoop/shameless, adorable fluff
*pet!fic - "Humane Society" and "Sitz!" come to mind
*darkfic - see Red's "
*A/o - see Red's innnnncredible fill, uh, "Fill," on the kinkmeme
*mpreg - see Red's "August", and Unforgotten's "Your Baby is My Supermagnet" - y'know, I'll just go on a bookmarking storm @ my AO3 page, and that ought to be a good indication.
*BDSM - and I have no preference as to topping/bottoming, topping from the bottom, etc.
*time travel
*comedy of errors
*cool and reserved genius!Charles
*recovery from substance abuse
*fic focusing on an XMFC tertiary character, if it explores said character in an interesting way ...
*the fallout from major character death


*pedophilia (the only outright veto)
*depression leading to suicide
*sharp objects going into eyes or teeth
*Regency romance, if it's not PWP. :D

I tried to make some prompts that both interested me and provided a wide range of genres. So ...

"Comrade" - a character examination/portrait of Azazel. 

(Paws) For the Cause - fluff, examining what happens when Erik's grim and focused lawyer bumps into Charles' earnest pet-rescue efforts at a Mutt Strut (or Cat Sashay) in the park.

"Five Times Charles Didn't Shoot Erik, and one time he did" - jumping off that scene before the satellite dish. Charles didn't pull the trigger that time. Were there other times, afterwards? And what might have finally convinced him it was something that needed to be done? Angst it up, if you like.

"Gangnam Style" - CRACKtastic! Seriously, I saw Psy's video and almost died of the awesome. Such high energy! What would Charles or Erik's M-Pop persona be like? and how would he make an ardent fanboy of the other? Does the non-star do an homage video that gets the star's attention? :D :D

So! I hope this was helpful. We have fandom peeps in common, so please drop them a line to pass along if I can be of any more help.

And once again: thanks!!!

yours sincerely,



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